plugin float errors

Hi, do you know where are the seq and tex plugins for the 2.49b ? (that"s sure I’ve missed something…)
the copiled plugins here :
give me either a float error or crash blender.

I’ve found the c sources but rmmmrrrhh I guess a nice blender head already compiled them for windows … ?
plugin sources :

thanks !

BA search told that any question like mine have 0 reply. in general it means you’re stupid and that the info is written in the right place size 20em, bold, on a reference site.

interesting threads I’ve found is :

it seems it does not work on 2.4 versions.

perhaps, rather than being exhausted by reading the same posts everytime, and perhaps, rather than being exhausted by searching an important info since two days and feel stupid,
the maintainer of the plugin page could actually maintain the plugin page… [I’ve sent a mail]

the stupid question :
which blender version can I use ?


I have some of multi-thread enabled version of texture plugin.

please see this thread.

But I think most of texture plugin can be used in blender2.49, if they are not used with multithread rendering.

Meta-Androcto made a blender build that have many of python script ,texture and sequence plugin.


you may find some updated plugins here:
Plugins on BPO
or here:
More Plugins on BPO
I can’t guarantee the working statis of these plugins, but I think they are updated.
There has been limited work done by a few people in their spare time to update the sequence plugins.
sorry i can’t offer any better solutions.

many thanks mato.
I didn’t know about that issue with text plugin.
have you additional informations about sequence plugins ? I’m trying with older blender versions (unsuccesfull), I’d like to use the alphamatte one.

hey thanks meta-androcto :slight_smile: sorry I did not see your post

aaaaaaahrrrr the link for alphamatte windows .dll is broken…

this is insane, all the dll links are broken … linux activism ? ok enough for today, I need a beer and a walk.
thanks to both of you.

I made those modified texture plugins to learn about texture plugin’s source code when I started the project of builtin vectex build.
So I don’t know well about sequence plugins.

I have never used alphamatte plugin before, but I tested it on my computer environment.

  1. I made 100 frame animation and saved it as RGBA format png images, then loaded them as a movie strip in sequence mode.
  2. I made a meta strip from loaded images, and select it.
  3. I added a plugin effect by menu command “Add”->“Effect”->“Plugin” and select the alphamatte.dll which I had got from plugin repository.
  4. Then a new strip was created that have the text messages as “100 | Matte Maker: 1>1 No float, upgrade plugin!”
  5. The Preview of sequence mode becomes black and white image, so this plugin seems to worked correctly.

I tested it with Blender2.49.2 on Windows Vista Home 32bit, Windwos7 RC 64bit, Ubuntu 9.04 64bit, and got same result.
I don’t know why this plugin show such error message, but plugin itself seems to work without error.

this is official, I’m stupid, thanks to demonstrate it mato :-/ :slight_smile:
I used it wrong.

here’s the seq. plugin that crash on my system (XP, 2.49b) :
flipit (load but crash when selecting flipy)
splitandside (load but crash when changing frame)