Plugin for cracking objects in 3D

Hi guys,
I’m new on the forums and the first thing where I’m curious about is if there is a plugin for cracking things in 3D.
If I’m not clear enough say it and I will try to explain it better.
Thank you.:slight_smile:

if i understand your correctly yes. the name was changed from crack me to fracture me because software pirates call their patches to hack games cracks. here are some threads on it.

Thank you very much. Only, I have a problem. When I try to load it into Blenders text editor it works, but when I press alt-p, it saids there is an error.
I’m on a Mac btw running Snow Leopard. The way I tried to install the script was to copy it from the webpage into Macs build in text editor. Then convert it to a txt and save that as a .py. Please tell me if I did anything wrong here.