plugin for creating paper models

recently, after trying to look for information on how can we create paper models from 3d document models (like from Blender), i found webpages like this:

as well, i tried Pepakura, but since i only use Linux, Pepakura seems to not running fine on Wine.

So, i imagined of how possible would be coding a python script for this. (if this script were not coded yet - if it is, please let me/us know which is and where can be found)

As i can imagine the 3d document information (like from Maya .obj) can be rotated to an orthogonal view using a Gaspard Monge geometry method alike, and using some trigonometry for these rotations (kinda similar method used to project a 3d object on a 2d plane) - the result would be triangles in their real measures, on the 2d document to be printed out - the next step (a bit more complicated, maybe) would be joining all these triangles for the paper model cutting and mounting.

Please comment! =)