Plugin Idea: Live Wings3d connection


I was wondering if there are any plugin writers waiting for an idea. What I am taking about is

-Selecting an object in Blender and sending it to Wings via plugin or script,
-Modelling or changing stuff in Wings
-The plugin will update the model when the original model is saved in Wings

I know I can import export obj. My problem is not import export. I just would like to see better integratuon between these 2 apps. And also as a user you would not be worrying about saving, dealing with different file menu save dialogs etc etc. I think there could be some merit in having such connection. And again since this plugin will be a Blender mainly plugin, this idea can be used with any application really.

It may not be the perfect idea because I hear Wings can’t work with open hull meshes due to the nature of the program.

well if you are a wings user you probably would know what you can or what you cannot do. AlsoI do not think that that should be a concern at this stage at least it should not be used for dismissing a possible plugin :slight_smile:

Wings3D is great. Yes C.D. it’s true that you can’t have true open hull meshes. It does have some ways to fake it (for proper exporting and importing) though. But the reality of it is, once you get used to it’s winged edge structure and box modeling style, you can whip out models in no time.

you can export the obj with hole material, for example. (so you can have anything…)

I dunno, I do quite well with lwo and obj…I think hard edges are lost,but somebody here made an obj importer to import into blender the hard edges as well… I have it somewhere.

Do you think it’s really needed that plugin? I don’t understand much why it is…

Extrudeface, because it is called better integration. It may sound like not necessary but once there is such a thing more people will start using this kind of pipeline. Also in the future maybe plugin can update other kind of data that original object may have like vertex paint, uv data whatever, whatever data plugin can restore and apply to newly edited model. Otherwise the user may have to do things manually.

Let me articulate it little better. Lets say that current sculpt mode was a seperate application. How often would you have been using Sculpt Mode then? Do you think it is better to have it integrated or not? Same deal, since we cannot integrate Wings inside Blender, this is the only easiest possible idea.

The pipeline…is the one I use since years. What I meant, is being internal structure and workflow so different, and Wings just a modeler (my favourite) you cannot port much more than vertex, uvs, materials and smoothing normals, as actually, Wings does not to do anything more(neither I’d wish so. Is amazing…and growing faster than before…)… I’d agree with vertex painting, tho vertex paiting, imo, is not a way to texture, I mean, not a very professional one, unless we speak on some details for extra lighting efects for some game levels. But that I would prefer to be done in the tool of team/integration, be it movies or games…And be it Blender or Max, as I have used Wings+Max in my work at places, but the wings+blender at home. And I see more practical to leave those kind of things for the general 3D package, I just import the models (characters, objects) if for short or game.

I am not sure people would in a big number move to this pipeline. People in general prefer to not move from one package to another. I am exactly the opposite: I love the specialized tasks tools pipeline. We all would rather have it all in a tool,(indeed, I hope blender keeps in that direction, this concept life saver in a project ) of course. And many ppl here will tell you they prefer certain project of similar-to-ngons be ended rather thanuse Wings.
But my pov is different. I do wrinkles even in wings, but there’s a certain point I prefer to import into Zbrush or Blender scultp, As micro detail modeling is better for those tools. My point of view is the following one: I prefer doing it all in a package, but my priority is use the most powerful thing for every task.

Anyway, am not against a super powerful wings plugin (there was one not long ago I think) , after all Wings is open source, crossplatform etc, is a logical connection.

But frankly being the lwo and obj import workflow solved (maybe not perfect), I’d rather see other improves in Blender (the ones being engaged)… I mean, I don’t see it critical. But I respect your pov.

Speaking of which, what’s the status of those Wings-like tools that were going to get put into Blender?

Actually this is the same thing, in the beginning the plugin would not care about what application it is sent to. Main thing plugin should do is to save the file and if possible fire the client application. The second thing the plugin will care is to see if the file has been saved since the export. Once it is saved the plugin would import the object back in place.

During this process, the plugin can put the object to center (if needed), assign compatible material names if needed, store some data to save later etc. And it can reapply all those things when the object is back in Blender. This by itself is a time saver.

So this thing can be used with any application. I have given Wings as an example because it is GPL licence. Modo-Zbrush is my main modelling application so I can use it with Modo-ZB as well.