Plugin Integration

This may have been asked before, or the answer may be obvious, but why can’t Blender have scripts like MakeHuman and Fiber built into them? A lot of the posts in the Python forum are people trying to get things installed and working, so what’s stopping them from making it a feature in Blender?

i dont know about fiber and such, but i think a major problem with incorporating larger plugins/python scripts is the program size…

even zipped, the makehuman 2.0 version is 6 megabytes…

add that into Blender, and (at least for my 28.8 kbps connection) Blender’s download would take around… and hour and a half


First of all the Make Human plugin is something like 6MB, Blender is about 5MB or something? I also think that if I used Make Human when I first found Blender, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to learn modelling in the first place.

As for other scripts, as long as they’re not too large I would like to see them incorporated too, especially the Fiber Script. Otherwise, adding lots of extra functions would probably increase file size and slow down the program.

Just my 2 cents.

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I think separation is good. Having the option to download what you need is good. I don’t want a bloated program filled with things I’ll never use. What I would like is a complete and simple website where you can directly download those options.

About file size and neccessity, it doesn’t have to be a part of all files. It could be an option like Blender Complete, or Blender Plug-in Package. And even if it is big, it’d be less hassle than downloading separate components and figuring out how to set them up. I’d just like this choice to be out there. I’ve actually thought that such a thing would already exist but I hadn’t found it. It just seemed logical to me for someone to put together a complete package, no assembly required.

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What could be nice is a setup like Cygwin. When you need something, it is downloaded and installed. A system like that could be great.

I think Blender could use a system like Art of Illusion has in its “Scripts and Plugins Manager”. The manager (which is a plugin that comes in the default download package) will connect to an online repository and check for new script/plugin install files and updates. You can read information about new scripts and such, and when you’re done it will download and install what you’ve told it to. It’s pretty slick.

If Blender had something like this it would probably help a lot of users who are constantly looking for the newest .3ds importer, etc.


Fiber 3 totals about 200K when it’s all zipped up. Fiber 2.03 is quite a bit smaller, but I haven’t pressed to get it into the redistributable because it seems to be unstable on certain systems. I also think Fiber 2.x isn’t that great for what it was originally designed for (long hair). It would just make sense to me to include only production-quality plugins.

Hey RipSting, where is Fiber 3 at right now?
I absolutely love the previous version, so I can’t wait for the new one :smiley:

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Big python scripts can be easilly maintained if they are separate from the blender file itself. That way you can upgrade the script without have to update blender.

If blender should come fully intergrated with any plugin it should at least be that one. That would be a huge leap foward.