Plugin needed for .b3d export

Hi there,

I am playing around with various virtual world creation softwares and some of them require .b3d format. Now I know that other 3d modeling softwares do export in that format, but I am low on budget and struggle to learn other softwares as my entire history of modeling is Blender orientated

My only modeling knowhow is with Blender (that I love dearly) and wish to make .b3d files that contain the information that is needed for other programs to understand the UV mapping for textures that I apply to my objects.

Is there some kind of python plug in for Blender that allows for .b3d export at all?

Please Please help


Assuming you’re talking about Blitz Basics .b3d format for Blitz3D language you’re in luck thanks to Diego who has updated the exporter to work perfectly. Will export meshes, textures and boned animations (even works to export blended animations from the NLA). Link below.

It doesn’t, as yet, support 2 sets of UV coords (.b3d being one of the few formats that does) as Blender only recently got that ability.


ive downloaded it and it comes with two files “scripts” and “code” what do i do with these to get the exporter to work? please help

Place the python file “” in the “scripts” directory of your Blender install. The files in the code directory are blitz3d basic example code for using the .b3d file within Blitz3D, so you probably don’t need them

To use the exporter, split your blender window and set one window as a “Scripts Window” then Scripts–>Export–>B3D Exporter (.b3d) to open the GUI options of the exporter. Select your options, hit “Export” and select a file name and location for the .b3d file.