PLUGIN REQUEST: "Add New Mesh" --> Curvilinear Circle

I’m not sure if this is the correct location, I would gladly submit my request somewhere new. I don’t know the first of how to write in Python, nevermind create a plug-in that creates objects.

I am hoping this task is easy enough someone would be willing to do this for the benefit of the community. I am struggling to create a ‘Four Corner Circle Grid Mesh’. I would show directly what I mean, but I’m not allowed to put URLs in. Please Google for the following image: four corner circle grid mesh

The very first image that shows is one by a company that makes software for producing a mesh with good UV mapping, and they are showing their various strategies. I’m only interested in creating that one ‘Circle Mesh’ image with Blender, and their image shows exactly what I am looking for.

“Curvilinear circle grid” also turns up the mesh I seek. I tried to use the normal circle grid generation to make the outside points, and then connect lines and subdivide my way through to create the mesh. I came ‘close’, but it was really quite a mess and somewhat off. If it would help, I would be happy to put up the .blend file of my manual effort at creating this.

Is it trivial enough someone could create this?

Thank you for reading through my request

Do you mean something like this :

It is created with a circle as start (with interior!)
Chosen the outer vertices: E (extrude) klick S to make smaller repeat :wink:

I think that he was trying to do something like this:

I think something like this:

Your pictures are actually same as mine, but there is only a bit of more resolution. :slight_smile:

You can do it to plane by adding a subsurf modifier. If the result is not a perfect circle you must select the outer vertexes and press alt + shift + S. It will make it as a circle.

In future I’ll put an option in my grid cap add-on so that the grid adapts to the border shape obtaining a similar result.

ValterVB’s first image is the one, and the image I am using for my personal reference. I would have given the link, but as a newbie I’m forbidden from doing so. I don’t mind, I understand the reasons and I do not like spam either. :slight_smile: I found Add_3d_Function_Surface plugin, which looks like it might also do the trick if I can wrap my head around the correct function.

So if my 'Add 3d Function Surface plugin works, I’ll just have to sort out how to calculate the surface.

If a subsurface modifier will do, I could take a correctly spaced 64x64 grid, then apply the correct modifier. I’m not clear on how to do that, but there is the documentation for me to learn. Blender just has SO MUCH for me to wrap my head around!

Oh! ArMan has it exactly! Only I need more steps. I’m not clear how he got to the point he got in the first image. Plane with a subsurface modifier. Sorry, I missed the first image you got. I’ll try that method, and report if I can get it or grasp what is going on. Thank you!

there is already a script to do a square sphere

do you need it ?


Yes indeed, ArMan, that looks very nice!

Thank you! Subsurface does the trick well, I just had to learn what subsurface did, how it worked and how to use it. Thank you, this resolves my issue and works much better than the plug-in proposal, at least for my instance. Cheers!