plugin runs at 10 fps on IE

The plugin runs at a fixed speed of 10 fps on IE (it is on IE because I can’t install it on Firefox :frowning: ).

How do I fix this? It isn’t my gfx card, whick I know (it’s an ATI all-in-wonter Radeon 8500dv, 64MB RAM).

THanks for the help.

how fast does a standalone runtime run?

I think it could be something else causing the speed problem

[and how fast is it in blender?]

Fast. Like 80 fps for both.

Good night. Sorry.

Hello? Anybody there?

sure, but is there really a lot we know to say?

was your file made in 2.25?

what kind of things does python do in it?

how do you know the framerate?

It is not one file. All the games on, and other people’s games run at 10…0 fps. I know the fps because there was a plugin game that had a fps display, and it never changed from 10.0 fps.


so, do you have multiple monitors?

the 8500 isn’t that great of a card, but it shouldn’t be doing that bad, perhaps it isn’t being acclerated for one reason or another

it is probably best simply not to play with the plugin for now [hopefully a foundation release of it will come out in the next year]

The plugin runs fine on MSN Explorer.

Maybe there is some option that limits the fps?