plugin texture bricks

i applied a brick plugin to a cube and gives nice bricks
i can change the size ect… so it works fine

now i applied this brick to another model which is more conplicated
selected some faces on front and gave it a new material and applied the brick on it

but i cannot get the rectangular bricks so sized normally

what can i do to make it works nicecly on this multimaterial object

see pic

beginning to get some results
i added an empty to control the plugin and it’s working better

but how come i cannot do it with the plugin controls ?

see pic

sometimes when i add en empty it does not work in rotation mode
and the scale is way to high in z ?

is threre a way to add theses empty so it works everytime?


Use a build with texture nodes. One of the inputs is that very plugin, with more controlls, and any transformation to the texture can be done using distort -> translate or distort -> rotate.

not familiar with built so what do you mean by built?
i got 2.48 a

do you know how to work with plugin
because i got 2 files and it’s not workling the same
sometimes the empty does not work properly ?


By built, I mean go to and find the latest one that says svn trunk (random numbers) for your system.