plugin texture file

can someone tell me where i can find the lugin panel in blender

i’m tring to experiment with a plugin DLL

and not certain how to do it


In the Texture panel, add a new texture and set the Texture type to Plugin. Click the Load button and select the DLL you want to use.

Just wondering…

Does anyone know why these plugins are not just integrated into blender? The plug-in texture pallet is failry slim, IMO, but there are at least twice as many “good” usable plugins that have been floating around now for about 3 or 4 releases.

if you site
let us know - i did a serach in wiki and did not find anything

i only found one plugin

would be nice to have some more if they ahve interesting textures

Here is the Plugin repository link from the Wiki:

Near the bottom you will find links to precompiled plugins for different OSs.

i dowloaded the wood plugin and example file

but not much to it
it looks there is kind of a texture but all the color are wrong?

i’v ever tested it ?

tryied several of the DLL
some are black and white other have lots of parameters that you can set
and it;s interesting in terms of patterns that we don’t find in procedural textures
it’s another mathematical way of producing ttextures
nice technics