Plugin Trouble

I need a way to import/export blender file format to .egg format and I found this:
I can’t make this plugin to work, as I’m new to blender and python and i didn’t find out the way through the tons of documentation. I tried to execute python file standalone and says:
Encoding set to UTF8
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 32, in ?
import Blender
ImportError: No module named Blender
What I’m supposed to do to get a not self-installable plugin working inside blender?
I tried this workaround too: exported to .x file and used a tool called x2egg, but some models don’t seem to have been converted properly. Does somebody here have worked with blender and that panda 3d game engine ?
Thanks in advance

you need to open the script inside blenders text view

wow! Thanks for the fast reply. It worked.