Plugins do not work anymore

(seval) #1

Okay… To start, most of the texture plugins do not seem to work anymore. I think that it was version 2.20 or 2.22 when they stopped working for me. Is there an updated set of plugins anywhere or is it one of these reasons.
— I am using Windows XP instead of WinPro 2000 now.
— I have updated (since that time) to Python v2.01
— I don’t have them in the proper location
— I am missing something totally obvious, which I will admit happens from time to time (insomnia can do funny things to a person). I recently saw someone’s work using one of these plugins for the skin texture of a “mushroom godess”, so I know that someone has them working.
— Can anyone think of a possible solution ?
btw. I recently went to the ftp to get the older
Will not even work on those versions now.

(LethalSideP) #2

Hiya mate,
This is a problem with the sources rather than the plugins themselves. Someone discovered it within about 3 days of Blender being opensourced (sorry, can’t remember how his name was spelt - Nikalotesla, maybe?) . He promptly corrected it, so if you look for a post about it in the Blender Foundation forum, you’ll find links to either the source or the binary, I forget which. So it’s not your plugins (or even you!) that’s doing anything wrong. Just look for the update, and it should work (if it’s only a source update, then God help you :wink: - very few people seem to be able to compile it at the mo!!!)


(eeshlo) #3

As far as I know, the only one that is causing trouble is the official Publisher, version 2.25. It can’t load plugins, it has no problems though when loading a blendfile that uses a plugin (saved with another blender version). So I guess something else is the problem here. What errors do you get when trying to load a plugin?

(seval) #4

The error message that I get from the texture plugins is
ERROR IN PLUGIN\my plugin directory\my plugin.dll. I was thinking that maybe it’s the fact that I am using the precompiled plugins but if I get the same message after compiling from the source, I’ll let you know.