Plugins HOWTO? (maybe I'm dumb or sth)

So I use Linux (Gentoo distribution). I downloaded, compiled and installed Blender. Works nice, everything is like it should, but I can’t get any plugins work. I looked through post on this forum (so sorry if there was topic like that with anwser which will work for me).
I downloaded Fiber, Cloth (by Topix) and L-System. Extracted them into ~/.blender/plugins (which I firstly created) and I set in User Preferences->File Path all plugin path (Python, Tex Plugins, Seq Plugins) to the one I created.
For Fiber there are 5 files (Fiber203.blend,, Fiber2.pyc, ,, and for each of two other one file (, neo_lstseed228.blend).
Not sure, but I think it’s how it works, in Scripts Window->Scripts-> ie. Wizards I should have position like Fiber?
Second thing everything I found how to use was to check mesh and click alt+p but it only gives me depending on which alt
on left dialog box with:
Clear Parent
Clear and Keep Transformation […]
Clea Parent Inverse
on right mouse gets hidden and I’ve got just view of objects without anything else (lits, cameras, some lines which help with orientation of those).
So maybe someone just will write step-by-step what to do and what should I see after each, where to click, to get hair on sphere?
Hope someone will 'cos I’m trying to do this for few hours and don’t have any more ideas where to look for “instructions for dark ppl” :wink:

The example worked, so now only stays question, how to use it (maybe some more handy way than opening a window for w script)?
And right alt+p == p == play so that one I already now, and that I clicked alt+p not over the right viewport. But still above question stays.

if you click alt P with your mouse cursor in the text window with the script, you should get an interface for the plugin in the text window. if youre not getting the interface, check in the command window to see if it says anything about the error. you will probably have better luck asking in the thread in python and plugins specific to that plugin as well.

I wrote it worked and I meant that alt+p worked over text viewport with this script. My question is now is there easier/faster way to use python scripts than having to open vieport for script, loading script and then runing it?

actually i think there is,…check the release notes for 2.34. I think I remember reading something about script loading.