Plugins not working

I have only just started to explore the possibilities of the video sequence editor in blender. Because of this I was using the wiki manual. However when I tried to use some of the plugin’s mentioned here;
They just wouldn’t work for me. For instance I tried to load this plugin (which was mentioned on the wiki)
After getting the plugin, I loaded a movie, and then the plugin. However the plugin had written on it “No float, upgrade plugin”. Also the plugin which was meant to make the movie look old did nothing to the picture at all. Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance for your help

That Plugin works for me with .avi and image sequences on 2.42a. You can ignore the warning.

Rightclick the Movie Strip (to make it Active so the plugin knows to use it). Add the plugin. Use the Image Preview in the sequence editor or render to see the result.


you mean someone actually reads that stuff??? wow.

I had a thought tho, i should warn everyone to get the plugin that is appropriate for their platform…will add.

Enjoy crazy_bus!!! Post here if you have any more problems…is it just that plugin, or all plugins? Make sure you have Do Sequence enabled, and that you are looking at Channel 0. Channel 0 shows you the net effect of all the strips and effects.

Thanks for the reply. I found that the plug-ins only worked if you placed them above the movie clip in the sequence editor. And not if you placed them below which I had being doing.
Another question is that I applied the old movie plug-in and it caused my video clip to become black and white. But it didn’t add noise and dust like in the example.
Also what is Channel 0?

The noise works for me. Channels are the slots listed on the left for each strip.


hmmm…i should note that higher channel thing as well tho i never noticed it…
Channel 0 is the output channel, the net effect, the big kahuna, the thing which will be seen when rendering is complete.

On the movie plugin, its an animated effect; you have to arrow left and right to see the effect move along; there are settings to control how much noise etc, but my defaults worked just fine to do something at least.

I know its an animated plugin, but I could note no difference to any of the 200 frames other than them turning black and white. Could you please tell me where the settings panel is as I couldn’t find it.
(Thanks for writing the guide)

with the strip selected, press N to get the properties panel (same key as object mode etc).

with the strip selected, press N to get the properties panel (same key as object mode etc). it has one control, Area Dirty, and yes, when the slider is all the way to the left at 0, no dirt.

@crazybus: And as near as I can tell, effect strips do not have to be above any other base strips or whatever; there seems to be no dependency between strip-channel placement.

So to be a bother, but I slid the slider up to 9 (as far as it would go) And the only differences I could tell in a 100 frame movie were a few dots appearing and disappering. Nothing like the example
What am I doing wrong?