Plugins sequence > what's about ?

Hello community !
I start to write an help documentation (french langage) on the blenderclan forum, and after a while, i :frowning: a bit:

what’s about the actuals plugins devlopment ?
some of them not working anymore and close blender imediatly !!!
some of them ask for: upgrade plugin, no float !

Thanks to answer me, anyway !


A great example of a modern plugin recently developed is the greenscreen sequence. See That page also lists the known good ones; none of them crash.

The “Upgrade required, 32bit” message is just a warning; many times they will still work well. Yes, the old ones will not work anymore and may crash Blender.

Thanx papasmurf…as usual !

so the warning is not making any problem to use. most of them working well ! (after testing all today (more the greenscreen which is excellent !), some of them like the afterglow crach my computer ! is that true ?

will these plugins desepear in the futur with the ones are in the menu “Add” ? Do you know ? it’s look like !