Well I have downloaded plugins in the form of .dll files from a site
Now how do I use them.
I have various Python scripts too, how do I activate them from
Blender and use them .I have 2.37a.

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I assume you’re talking about sequencer plugins. To use them:

  1. Go to the sequencer and add your scene strip to it. Add>Scene>Whatever your scene is called (it’s called Scene by default)
  2. Click Add>Effect>Plugin, then select the plugin from where you saved it to on your hard drive.
  3. Then position your plugin strip over your “scene” strip, and left click to paste it above it.
  4. To edit plugin variables, select your plugin strip (right click), then hit the “n” key to edit it.

Hope this helps.:smiley:


WikiBooks Entry on Python Scripting.

DwarvenFury was right about the seq plugins but here are the docs for the sequence editor…they might help you even more.

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