Plum Tree Blossom

A little social experiment, I’ll show more details soon :slight_smile:


Looks pretty amazing, kind of like a photograph… :eek: Care to show some geometry?

I see a green mammoth that holds an ironman’s action figure in its right tusk and an inflatable doll in the left one.
It tells me to kill everybody
Now my turn:

If this is CG it’s very, very good. I am curious what your social experiment is about.

yeah same as @toshicg , what is it about?

That “social experiment” was only to proove Andrew’s Price theory that it’s very hard to get some decent feedback on artists community. I wanted to see if posting something amazingly photorealistic and beautiful will give a lot of rates and comments. (For that, I made this photograph and gave it some blender-like post pro.) Apparently not, and I have to say that getting online feedback is one, big lottery and in my opinion too many great artworks have been skipped and forgotten in the deepest parts of the internet… Sad, but true. That’s all from me :slight_smile:

The theory could be acceptable or not, but your social experiment is pure bullshit.
This whole thread is doped by your “A little social experiment, I’ll show more details soon”.
What did you expect? That people gives feedback on a picture with no details and that nobody knows even why you’ve posted?
Social experiment these nuts.:wink:

There is some truth to Price’s argument, and the primary purpose of BA is not to showcase master works (although there are plenty here). It’s primarily a place for people to get help who are starting out or having issues with blender. It’s open source software with a vibrant and caring community. Your photograph was spotted instantly and your bluff was called in my first post, which technically speaking proves your theory wrong, inasmuch as a BA artist had the eye to correctly figure out what was going on with the image.

While it is certainly photorealistic (a photo) it is not necessarily beautiful as an image. In fact it’s a cliched mess with no contrast distinction between background and focal point. So perhaps Price really is right – and he is talking about people like you.

It looks like you are sad that you didn’t get all the comments you deserved for your hard work. Learn to live with that and find another reason to make CGI than to gain some internet admiration.
Btw.: It is very funny that Andrew Price criticizes the BA community for the lack of decent feedback. I don’t remember reading any usefull feedback from him on BA.

Yeah, your experiment had a few holes, the main one being that your gave it away from the start.

Feedback in online communities is what it is. You can even see it as extremely honest… if people aren’t reacting, you haven’t provoked a reaction, that’s all. In the case of ultra realistic CG, it’s actually quite common these days so why would you expect people go bonkers for it?

Damn people why so mean?

Ahah i agree your experiment isn’t very well done, and experiments should be done several times before having a verdict.

I don’t completely agree with you, the community might not have a lot of feedback on a good image (or not) simply because they can easily miss that image. You post it one day, it’s gone in a few. Now when you are an artists that posts regularly, people will start noticing your name and avatar from all these unfamiliar artists we see everyday, and that is where you will reap from the benefits of feedback.

Not everything is up to luck and lottery as one might think, if that is what it seems, might mean you are not seing the bigger picture!

Communities has an inbuilt immune system that reacts at every “pseudo attack” even if the “pseudo attack” is not directed vs the specific user who overreact.
As for me I’m just an asshole because I always say what I think in the way that I’ve thought. Politically correctness is a finger in the arse in my opinion. There are people who like the feel, an people who don’t.
I’m not mean, I’m realistic. Bullshit still won’t smell good with another name. (cit??)

The issue is not the number of experiments, the issue is that in the experiment you have to recreate the conditions that could bring to what you’ve hypothesised. You can’t start with a “this is a social experiment… pic”.

TBH I support the idea that in BA you won’t receive a good amount of feedback. But in my opinion, in addition to your reasons and other people reasons I think that there are many many “unconfortable” (for the community) ones here.

For example the fact that if you say something negative, you’ll be attacked by a horde of incompetent noobs and some veterans who suffer of premature mouth ejaculation.
Or that blender community isn’t that big as people use to imagine, Blender is not that famous, and not that used around the world.
Or that this forums has 8 categories for postin artworks, 2 of them amost identical for this case.
Or that… blender users aren’t that good as we may think, the ones with a good amount of knowledge, instead of helping people with useful feedbacks lose their time into stupid discussions or they post very rarely just to say “wow”. But if you only dare to say something negative about their “sweetheart attitude”, here comes the apocalypse!

I was and I’m in multiple communities, many of them with a pure tecnical subject.
If you’re oversensitive about your work/knowledge better stay away from them and live into your sweet dream where the real professional world is a confortable place where everyone will wow even when you poo.
And I can say that BA is really a joke compared to them. If you really want useful feedback, you won’t get them here.
People here are a mix of incompetence, indolence, fear to be judged and sweetheartness… all things inherited from the blender parent class.
Just my opinion.

Exactly. I think these videos (which funnily I found through Andrew Price) talk about that and are really eye opening.

Play the long game, people, don’t get bogged down in the smaller details. Forums are still a good place to gradually build your profile, meet like-minded people (I certainly have) etc.

That said, what really help to get more feedback is clearly stating that you want it.
I never post criticism when the author shares his art like this:
“Modeled in blender, rendered in cycles, 2000 samples. Hope you like it.
On there other hand, if there is “C&C welcome” or at least “What do you think?” I’d gladly give the best advice I’m capable of giving in a positive way. You can also point out what your struggle with and ask if anyone has ideas.
Another idea to get more feedback is to post your stuff to more then one forum/social media place.
Yet another, if you have the means, pay a professional you respect to review your work (then you know you’re getting quality feedback).

I see from these words that you comment on request but…
If you publish you work, when publication is not a necessary step (in many fields it is), isn’t implicit your request for C&C?

I believe it is because some artists simply post their work to get recognition, not that it is a bad thing at all, but artists tend to be egoistic when it comes to their own work. Anything other than “it is great!” might harm their pride.

Critique should be aimed to be constructive, i dont think you should restrain yourself from giving your thought just because the artist did not specifically ask for it. I think if you word it carefully, it should come across well. Even if it doesn’t you are actually giving a service when you critique, it is up to the artist to either take it, leave it, or get flustered by it.

“my personal thought :)”

First off this is for “Finished Projects”. While there is a lot of critique going on in here is really isn’t the place for it. For my money all that one should expect in this room is either “I like it and here’s why or I don’t care for it and here’s why.” There is after all a special room for focused critiques.
Secondly, yes it would be nice to see a lot of nice comments in here but guess what, never has happened and no doubt never will (and I’m talking not just here but in any type of creative forum.) As for myself (and I don’t think I’m alone here) I look at what interests me mostly at the genera that I work in or enjoy. My comments are rare and most generally very few words.
Also you didn’t need Andrew Price or anyone else telling you any of this. It is as it is.
This last part is directed specifically at LazyVirus. You make me laugh dude. Rock on.

@Pawel4427, your ‘test’ was bound to fail.
If you wanna know more, understand what an ‘experiment’ is.

Yeah sorry but I think this experiment is a little misguided.

My point about BA not being a great source for critique, is mostly because there are a lot of people still learning here. And so to up your game, posting where the industry pros go (eg. ArtStation) is much more likely to get constructive criticism.

This experiment doesn’t seem very related to that.

Obviously people will think it’s a render because it honestly could be. Today’s technology is more than capable. It’s kinda like someone pointing and saying “your fly is down”. And then when you look you realize it’s not. But if anything that’s more of a prank on the person who said it, because it just means they’ve lost your trust.

Really Nice Job. Look’s like photograph image.


… while many enjoy, have fun, intrigue, leave a comment and move on :wink: some hold it dear as a drunk a pole.
Lots of souls do reset trust, call it forgiveness, learning on mistakes, helping each other… or just love it all.

Never stop wondering with hope as the Cosmos is the Experiment.