"PlumiBlender" available for download

Hey guys, for those who were at B-Conf or watched the videos and are wondering how that strange-looking-Blender -the-guy- from-Plumiferos- was-showing is, now you can give it a try. Binaries are available for Windows and Linux, as well as source code.

Read all info about how to get it from here:

Plumiblender instructions for downloading and warnings

o desde aqui: (spanish)

Instrucciones para la descarga de PlumiBlender y advertencias

Big thanks to GraphicAll.org for hosting our binaries.


any chance for a source tarball (to keep it simple) …

Yay! :slight_smile:

Let’s spread the world!

tedi, you can get last source in a tarball from http://repo.or.cz/w/plumiferos.git (the snapshot link)

Hey, my thread got locked for posting to the same version.

Is there a special ‘Plumiferos’ rule I don’t about in these forums? It’s not my fault it popped up on Graphicall and I found it.

Excellent! Looking forward to checking this out!

Please tell me these features are coming to the official branch.

Wildcard search in the outliner, highlighting of layer with active object…both huge useability improvements!


Is there a special ‘Plumiferos’ rule I don’t about in these forums?

Two threads pop up within about an hour with the same subject matter, one by DragonDrop and the other by the creators of said subject matter. Who do you think gets prefference? Besides, yours didn’t have a picture.



Sorry CyborgDragon, I didn’t notice your post and since nobody from the team had posted about this before …well…I did…

Hope you don’t mind. Besides… the picture is nice right ? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a nice pic. My only hope is that this comes to U.S theaters, Wichita is considered by a magazine to have at least 2 of the best theaters in the world (with the exception of a few in Tokyo)

Looks good! Nothing really big, but I’m sure many of those features could help a lot.
Is there a chance this will be added to the official blender SVN repository?

Great! Lot of useful new features there, thank you for Plumiferos Team :yes:

Excellent resource malefico! Do you know if any of these changes are being incorporated to the official branch?


P.S. Excelente trabajo! Ojalá su película llegue a toda América!

Thank you very much for that!

Many of those features are already in SVN (hint: framestamp, many nodes…). Some other might be included after careful evaluation and a few are too specific, and probably will never make it to stable branch.