Plumiferos - conf video

I’ve just seen the video, they are doing a very good job! i like their style - (totally unobjective critic :slight_smile: ) - there are really some good animation.
In fact, i was not convinced by earlier shots, but with the teaser presented at the Bconf 06, i’m confident for this movie.

[erased for poor interest] :slight_smile:

it wouldn’t be secret then, wouldn’t it? :wink:

go plumis!

they crank up the oompf slider, that’s all.


oh better see this :smiley: really looking forward to the movie ;D

well, forget my questions.


Hi, well I couldn’t read what your questions were…

Regarding what orangers did when they were here…

Andy improved the quality of shadows and lighting in general. We had an approach on lighting that was pretty “expensive” in terms of rendering time, and our results weren’t what we expected anyway. After Andy gave us a couple of lighting master classes, our renders started to have the extra “oomph”, and were lot faster than before. Even textures and shaders got a whole new look after improving lighting. He also worked on the eyes of our characters.

Bassam improved and fixed rigs of human and cat characters that had several flaws. He also helped me “debugging” rigs in general, and gave animators a lot of tips on workflow. He even did some python scripting and gave me a lot of hints as how things work internally in Blender, which helped me to understand lots of previously misterious problems.

Both are extremely nice people to work with, and we all missed them at the studio !



i am looking forward to trying out that build of blender they have, it look promising

Seems like the Blender foundation is really trying to get this movie to be high quality by sending those people and giving priority to bugs and features requested by the team.

I look foward to the movie, while the notion of talking animals seems to be getting a little overdone. (over the hedge, open season, doogal, the wild, ect…) I really like the fact it was done in Blender because it proves that Blender can do decent movie work.

I was very impressed by the work presented at the Blender Conference. I had doubts before, but I think the movie (graphics wise) will be a huge success -The animation of the bird characters was especially good in fluidity.

Working on a film myself, seeing the work they’ve done in Plumiferos makes me feel like I might just be able to accomplish something with Blender.

The only concern I have for this movie now is story wise as I really haven’t heard too much about the story or what it’s about. I think the one downfall Elephant’s Dream had was a poor story, but they did have trouble with getting a screenwriter and were pressed on time I think. I just hope that Plumiferos has a decent storyline. We shouldn’t forget that important aspect of film.

Either way, graphics wise, I was really impressed and am anxious now to see much more and how it will turn out.

Tutoooriaaaal please :slight_smile:

Uh, yeah, since the dawn of storytelling is quite a while isn’t it. Not much chance that will ever change. The thing is, now your 18 so your growing out of that stage, but guess what, the next gen kids will LOVE talking animals, as do all generations of all time. Besides what are you anyways, A talking dragon if I understand correctly, How HYPOCRITICAL of you. sheesh

I like CGI movies with talking animals if the story and movie itself looks good. I recently saw Open Season and it was pretty good.

About the talking Dragon part, I’ve seen so many talking Dragons in cartoons and shows it’s just normal to see it that way. Perhaps maybe talking animals being seen as normal in fantasies will follow.

I don’t want to botehr peopel with the complants, but I personally don’t like the animal movies, or any movies nowadays, because they allmost allways lack a lot of heart.

I personally don’t think about movies (and I mean CG movies) as “animal movies” or such categories. For instance I don’t see “Finding Nemo” or “Madagascar” as “animal movies” at all, I just see the animation and storyline, which is usually veeeery human, and I buy it. Otherwise you could also say there are lots of “human movies” like ED, or Final Fantasy, or The Incredibles… you can’t really compare those stories among each other can you ? It doesn’t matter what the characters are, the story is only thing that matters.

In “Plumiferos”, the script was being worked on for at least 3 years. It has had many modifications and versions, and during the last year 3 people (including me) besides the original author (director Daniel DeFelippo) were also working on it. Of course this doesn’t mean that you are going to like it anyway, but it should somehow make you realize this is not an improvised story written by school kids in between classes.

Storyline is about a little female canary which was bought by super-hi-tech-software-corporation-owner called Mr Puertas, and who suddenly escaped from her cage. She met an ordinary street sparrow and friends, and live different adventures having Mr Puertas trying to catch her back all the time. This is in simple words the main storyline (there are several storylines which are connected along the movie), it is a comedy with action and love scenes.

I bet a lot of people will like it, and a lot of people will only complain about being another stupid animal movie (absolutely true) or find it really dumb compared to ED :slight_smile: … that’s OK for me, I just want people has the chance to watch it and post here about it :).

About heart… well, our heart, brain, blood and civil rights are pretty commited with the project, so I hope at least all this effort will show up when you guys watch it !:smiley:


Good that you’re going to try to put some heart in this, though it will take some pretty good effort of moving and manipulating the emotions of audiences to beat Pixar.