Plumiferos Project starts TODAY !!!!

Hi !

For all those who watched our trailer and are waiting for news, we finally gather money enough to start the project ! so it seems it’ll become in REALITY !!

We are having our first work meeting today and organizing the million things to do. Setting up the place, installing computers and all.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep you guys informed. The official website:

Stay tuned !


Buena suerte!


Excellent news, congratulation… :slight_smile:

Congratulations guys! :smiley:

This is nice news indeed. Way to go there.
Wish you the best.


yeay! awesome news. I wish you guys the best of luck (and the best of times making it :slight_smile: )

good luck.

Male felisidades! I like the trailer very much, specially the last part :smiley: I watch it over and over again speccialy becouse the voice actor, that guy is a genius!

2006 is going to a great animation era for Blender.
Glad to hear you folks got the ball rolling.