What ever happened to plumiferos? I heard a bit about it but was it ever finished or released or is it still being made?

Rather than start a new thread…
Doesn’t seem like much has happened on their website since March…
Anyone heard any news?

Man I wish they would take the 3 pixle OSA from Plumiferos and simply integrate it into Blender propper. I hate being stuck with 5 pixel OSA as the minimum.

You can hack it or submit a patch. Though one was before.
It’s literally one digit you have to alter in the file.

This is why we need MVC for 2.5, but till then it’s reeeeeeealy easy once you can compile.

Yeah just looked at their site the other day and was wondering if the project is dead or if stuff is still going on. Maybe someone from the team can clear things up. Wasn’t VenomGFX in the Plumifero team?

hey there, don’t want to make this too extensive… so…

yup, Plumiferos is more dead than alive.

Some facts:

  • The project stopped completely in October 2007, because of lack of money (and when there was money, it was not used in a very smart way).
  • When the project got a bit of money again, in January this year, 2 people (Tanda and me) got back to work in the movie, almost all the rest of the team had already found other jobs, and we all know that a feature movie can’t be made by 2 people, so things were slow.
  • I decide to leave Plumiferos (things were not moving…) in end of March (couple of days after the last news in the blog), to be part of Apricot Project.
  • Since then till now, things are worst, the people (1 or 2) working there is just because they love the project, and they want to see it finished, but the producers behind was incompetent and the project itself changed SO much since it started, that is not very motivating for us ex-plumi guys anymore.

So… for me, Plumiferos is dead since October 2007, this year we made a try but the producers behind showed that they can’t handle a project like this.

Personally i will try to get some files and render them for my portfolio… but if we ever get to see this movie finished, it will be a lot different from what it was supposed to be…


Now that’s bad news :frowning:

Any chance of opening what’s there? So that there could be a derived open movie from it?

The first ever Blender feature-film… Ruined… by Money… (But wasn’t that why Open Source was invented?)

I was looking forward for this movie, and am saddened by its apparent untimely death. But here’s hoping that there will be another attempt made by someone else with an idea for a feature-length.

Well at least it wasn’t because Blender’s capabilities are lacking.

If you ever restarted the project it would be wise to use 2.48 or the physics branch, the volumetric stuff could really help in special effects and the GLSL would’ve been good for material previewing.

hmm, if you actually read the previous post by venomgfx, or anything on plumiferos blog, you would see it’s not about features. i’m sure plumi team knows exactly what they need to make their movie.


Just a thought: Could the Blender Foundation take the project and finish it with the business model that it already proved (twice)?

But we were looking forward to this movie sooooooo much! I think I’m gonna cry…:frowning:

Here you go: :slight_smile:

Edit: On-topic, it really stinks about Plumiferos. It was going to be the first feature length Blender movie, and I was all excited about that…

That was my thought too, although it doesn’t seem likely.
Given how heavily funded this film was, the chances of getting opened up aren’t that promising.
That’s a real shame.

I worked on Plumiferos a couple of months ago, I went to tweak some of the rigs to get better deformations. All that I can tell you is that the movie is still going on, but very slowly as there are few people working on it. The production had serious troubles and most of the plumiferos guys were really dispointed like Venom sais. I don know what will happen in the future, but I doubt the movie will be “open” in any way.


Sigh… sad to know that… :stuck_out_tongue: