Plutonic Love

Animated short about love. You can switch on english subtitles (switching them on is explained on second image). Click on poster to see the film.


You’re a crack up

it had its moments (though I thought the carrot punchline was a bit “family friendly”)

ps… are you going to do any more accountant stories?

what are the names of the three other programs other than blender you used to make this short?

From left to right:

Inkscape: Free Vector-based drawing program.
Gimp: Free version of Photoshop, basically.
Audacity: Free sound editor.

This is quite good.Just a question.I’ve heard of Platonic love,but Plutonic love is quite an original notion,and one that fits in some relationships.I think both plutonic and platonic are interchangeable words having almost the same meaning.At first I used platonic love but one of my critics objected to it saying love has nothing to do with plato and is rather concerned with Hades.

It’s nice! I really like the characters.