Plywood chair

Saw a chair like this while messing around on the interwebs and thought to myself, “Self, I could totally make one of those out of a sheet of plywood” so knocked out a 3d model in a couple hours to see how one would go about constructing something like that.

Threw on the cycles wood shader from the other thread so it would look halfway decent without fancy subsurf or anything like that:

And a turnaround…

Now I need to figure out how to get it out of blender so I can make a cardboard model to figure out how to build such a thing.

I suggest pepakura designer for making a model

As this procedural texture isn’t friendly for animation, why don’t you just use a camera projection of a nice wood texture? Easy and fast.

I was just going to post the turnaround (this being a 3D mockup of a (hopefully) real-world object) but saw the wood texture and thought, hmm…