plz comment a anti-trojan program

I found svch0st_.exe(49,722 bytes) on my pc, but my norton did not notice it even when i scanned my pc fully. I lost my confidence in NAV. Who can comment a anti-trojan product?
thank you.

mcaffee sucks

stick with norton

stop running IE [or disable activex controls, and scripting]

don’t use outlook

you know, usual things

something called “svch0st_.exe” is just as likely to be spyware as it is to be a virus.
NAV isn’t a spyware killer, just a virus killer. home of spybot search & destroy home of ad-aware

Get both and run them regularly. They use different detection techniques (spybotsd checks through a list of spybots to see if they’re on your computer, adaware checks through your computer to see if any of it is on its list) so each can pick up something the other misses.

Incidentally, I wouldn’t trust NAV any further than I could throw it, simply because they are well-known and thus a prime target for hackers. Looking through symantec’s virus list I see a lot of viruses that co to a lot of trouble disabling things like NAV and McAffee, but not that many that target other antivirus products like AVG (

I definitely second that recommendation.

Os X.