Plz enlighten me! Facial rig controls

Hello guys,
I have some questions regarding facial rig controls! But first, let me tell you a couple of things about the project that I’m up to: the project is an interactive application for children. The client asked me to make to a fully rigged character that has to have perfect and easy manipulated facial rigging since there is a two digit number of script to cover. Also, they want to import the character to Unity, so blend shapes and bendy bones are out. I had the idea to make some controllers for the facial rigs, but I have never done it before, as I imagined that there could be a blender tutorial on how to create these. My problem is that I haven’t found anything. The only thing that could be helpful for me and the client is Auto Rig Pro, but there is problem with the lips since it has 12 separate controllers for each part of the lip!

My question is if I can edit the auto rig and make something similar to this:

or if, at least, make a lip movement for each vowel. Any suggestion that could “automate” the workflow a little bit is welcome!

Thank you so much in advance!!!

Behind the hood you can just use bones for the lips and weight paint there influences and animate them. Cluster rig.