Plz give feedback

This took me about half a day, I was using blender a while back but I was unsatisfied by my improvment back then (I used blender for about a month and did some Blender Guru tutorials including the intruductory series where he makes a ddonut). I decided to give blender another turn and made this low poly island. I would appreciate some feedback and maybe some ways to properly learn blender, thanks in advance!

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I’d make the scale of the scene more obvious.
When I first saw your island, I thought it was a small kind of donut thing.
You made the trees quite small, maybe you can add some more detail in the landscape as well (while keeping it lowpoly)? Are the trees lowpoly as well?

Further I’d also add a bit more contrast in the colors, it looks quite dull to me now (sorry :wink: )

What’s the white peak at the back? A mountain?

Just trying to help here :wink:

thanks for the feedback , and by the way would you give any tips for learning low poly and blender in general??!

and yes the trees are low poly

I’d give the trees a (low poly) trunk instead of a Curve.

Just search Google for tutorials like we all do :wink:

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You are doing good. Keep on with Blender! I’m noob myself but when I was totally new to blender, I bought on udemy course and it really helped me to orientate. Check it out, you can have some good tutorials for about 15 bucks.