PLZ HELP!! - Gravity Pulls Armatured Character Sideways No Matter How I Rotate It!!

EDIT: Never Mind I think if I reorient a new box and the parent it to the hand it should correct itself. Sheesh. Sorry for panicing there.

I just armatured a hand that is going to be in a game attempt called :

“Ninja Hand: And You Thought You’d Killed a Ninja”

Basically you’re a severed hand carrying out the rest of your body’s final mission.

But apparently, I must have modeled him or posed him off of the wrong axis or something because now gravity only pulls him sideways instead of straight down. If you think you need to blend to be able to help me please say so. He’s running and everything, but he just falls the wrong way. Please help.

Remember to look at how the Z-axis is: gravity always acts in the nagative Z-axis (the blue one).

thanks for the tip, but my guy’s still falling skyward

Flip him around in editmode (it won’t affect the axis), then flip him over in object mode.

No I tried that already. I tried making a new box but none of that’s working I’m just really crossing my fingers that I won’t have to remodel, rearmature, reanimate another hand =(

Armatures really mess up physics. I don’t know why.

I found a solution.

I added an extra one bone armature and made sure it was oriented nicely upon the X-axis
and perpindecular to the Z-axis.

Then I armatured the actual rig of the hand to this new armature and placed only dynamics to the smaller armature. So in other words, no matter how much I messed up on the big one, all the big one is going to do is follow the physics rules of the small one. Of course I might run into some problems along the way, but for now its working just fine.