Plz help: lighting in Animation

hi, just recently i started working in blender, and i have this one project of a room i made. I animated the camera to fly around the room but when i rendered this the lighting got…well…screwed. i have a couple of tables that i had set in a different layer and when the camera passes them parts of the surfaces flash on and off. Whats going on?:confused::confused:

An added note: i also have this weird face that appears to have some sort of gradient applied to it, i can even see it in all the modes. Don’t know what i did:confused:

Could you post a pic? Sounds like (from what you said) that you have a lot of spec on your tabels and they are simply reflecting the lights. Also (because I haven’t seen it) you might have multiple faces that are doubled up (more than one face in a single area).

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ok heres a the first, with a lot of flash (underneath the table sort of)
heres the next frame, with less flash.

The full video is here:

Do you have “set smooth” on those tables by any chance? If so, you’d be better off using auto smooth with a reasonably high angle setting (80 or so should be okay). Given that they look basically flat anyway, you may not need smoothing at all. “Set Smooth” is an illusion and it can cause weird effects on flat surfaces.

If this isn’t the problem, then maybe you have concurrent faces (a duplicate of the object sitting exactly within the original object. This will also cause flashing artifacts as Belnder tries to work out which object surface to light and which to shadow.

well i when i did this i don’t think i used smooth on the tables, i did however use it on the sinks then i joined the two meshes, although i don’t think that makes a difference. I also double checked the verts and faces and i don’t think it’s concurring faces either. Thanks for the suggestions though.

the regular spacing of tables makes me wonder if you used an array for duplication - if so, you didn’t double array or duplicate did you?

no, i’m very beginner, i did this pretty strait forward, manipulating a cube, extruding and what not. I did the tables first (and duplicated them around the room) then later i decided to add the sinks so i edited them and then joined the meshes then dulplicated again (i got rid of the earlier ones) then later i had to edit them again for some reason i can’t remember but at any rate i ended up deleting and duplicating again. I pretty sure that theres and easier way but i haven’t had that much experience yet -> like 4 months. Oh by the way learning to use blender with the new version and looking at tutorials that use older version is proving quite confusing.

Re-check what AndyD says, turn any mapped material effects off (specularity, NOR, etc) and if all else fails post the file…

thanks guys, i finally got it to work. now i’m just editing bits and pieces to make it more detailed