PLZ Help me Install Blender 2.5 on Ubuntu Linux

Okay, i’m just sick and tired of Windows altogether because it screws me over every time i use it, so i went to Linux instead and heard Ubuntu was the best to get. So i got it and installed it and it’s working perfectly. However, i have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to install any software here. I’m used to having some kind of installer program that does all this mess for you, but linux doesn’t seem to have that system.

I’m trying to install Blender 2.5 here with the downloads from, but i simply can’t find how to do this and i’m not understanding what alot of the tutorials for how to install programs in Linux are talking about. Can anyone help me? What do i need to do? i’m going to need a step-by-step “lesson” here, that’s the only way i’ll be able to learn it, because i’m afraid that otherwise i simply won’t understand what you’re telling me.



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2.50 isn’t out yet, so I think you mean 2.45, which is the latest.

You don’t install, you simply extract the file from into a folder, and double-click on the file named “blender” (without quotes, of course).

Also, make sure you have any necessary graphics card drivers installed. What type of graphics card do you have?

To install Blender on Ubuntu, just click “Install/Remove” in your Program menu and select Blender to install it.

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But, the most recent version of Blender isn’t in the repositories. So, this won’t work if you want the latest and greatest from the Blender Foundation.

from my experience with ubuntu… after extracting the compressed blender folder, it still looks for 2 packages that are not installed by default in ubuntu: libopenal and libalut (i think, they have something to do with the sound, not quite sure)

if you’re connected to the internet… you can do the following

open a terminal by pressing Alt+F2, then type “xterm” (without quotes)

in the terminal:

sudo aptitude install libalut*

it should install the two said packages. i hope that will help…

Correction: sudo apt-get install libalut

When that finishes: sudo apt-get install libopenal

Or, go into synaptic and download them with a nice GUI application.