plz help me with a metal-like color for project for school.

Hey people, I need some help
I’m working on a machine we need to devellop. So I thought like making it in Blender.
Now I have to make a connection wire, like an USB-cable. Here is what I need to know:
How do I get the silvery metal color or the USB-port.

plz post all the seting you made to get it. It has to look like the metal of the Screws someone made in the finished project section.

I have a materials library blend file that you could use. I don’t however have a site that I can post it on. If you would email me, I can send it to you with instructions on how to append the material you want to your blend file.

You post made me think of something, DYeater. Perhaps there should be a repository somewhere where people can post Blender resources that they would like to share, like your materials library. Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if such a resource already existed, so if anyone knows of such, please post. It could help a lot in not having to constantly “reinvent the wheel” in the process of doing things.

Search (on elysiun) for sonix car material library, thats got what you need.

Well, the library I was referring to is material_library_v102.blend. I did a search for it but couldn’t find it so that I could tell xilconic where the link is. I also have sonix library but I think there are more metals in the first one.

I agree that a repository is a good idea. Blenderman has just recently started a texture repository, although I’m not sure if they would want a blend library or just images.