Plz Help

hello one and everyone i need help cuz im a beginner in blender and i want make a TPS are the things that my games features :-basic movement and kinda advanced animation-reloading-grenade throwing(not done yet i need to fix some glitches)-basic jumping and crouching-mouse look (just left and right i couldnt do the Up or Down plz help me)-ammo bar 30\30-firing animation while up (to show you that is not very accurate) but no firing animation while crouching (to show that is perfectly accurate) anyway thats all and if you want to help me just tell me how or post some templates (very basic ones because my computer is slow with these complicated templates)thanks to all…

Hey Ayza ,

I don’t use Blender Game Engine as I am a modeller, but I have some good tutorial downloaded from youtube, I think you can also download those tutorials from youtube, they are like FPS game In Blender game engine or so. Try to find them if you cannot just PM me. I am sure that you will get a very good help here, because this community members are very nice and good and they will help you for sure. :smiley:

So Go on and enjoy …

Ayza, this isn’t the place to ask for help. You have to go to the Game Engine thread to ask a question like that.

Thanks a lot pal but if you can find me a link it will be a great help

the thing that i need help wih as you noticed i mentioned that i only mananged to make him aim left and right but no aiming up or down i need help with the up and down thing