Plz help!

Anyone willing to explain how to fix my animation as clearly as possible


stickfigure.blend (640 KB)

  1. What animation?
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About your file -

  1. Move armature to the top of the modifier stack
  2. Remove all solidify modifiers. They are useless.
  3. Select mesh, Shift select armature. Press CTL-P –>> with automatic weights
  4. Begin animating:

First up, you will need to attach the armature to object properlly, some bones dont effect the right areas… look into weight painting (loads of tutorials out on this)

once you have attached the armature, then you can start animating… i would probably work on a non-subdivided model whilst animating, and only subdividing it at the end… this will provide faster playback speed.

Thank you daren and @doublebishop

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okay Fweeb.