PNG image empty but render in blender is ok, help?

Hi guys, kinda new to Blender.
I have this volumetric here

And is fine in viewport and render view.
But when I save it, it saves it empty, just all transparent, no fire.
I tried everything so far.
Thank you

First…did you set as an emissive? on your import ? How are you using it in the scene is that image as a plane or mapped to an object?
Are you saving it as an animation? or as an image sequence using .png files?

It’s a volume VDB, I imported it in the scene, tweaked the shader and rendered it, I can see the render there, but can’t export it

What as, an Image file or an animation or animation sequence?
Can you save the Image from the render…Image > Save As ?

I tried both, and in both cases I get an empty image, all transparent

I just grabbed one and gave it a try…and it saves as an RGBA .png just fine…

Can you show your shader and save settings?

Edit: After testing I have deleted my answer as it does work.

Hi there, yes sure !
Save here

And shading

With my test setting the same or close enough, I have the same problem only when I set the background to transparent…if I turn that off and set it to black…it renders fine…

This is not a solution unless you can work without a transparent background…

The whole point is I need a transparent background, I can’t believe this is an issue.
exporting a simple png with transparency

Perhaps you can do it in the compositor…I will have to play and get back to ya!

I’m not familiar with the new blender, used to use it years ago, I really only needed that eheh.
But thanks anyways !

Still tho, all the software I know, many, exporting a png with transparent bkg, isn’t this hard :wink:


It isn’t hard. Aside from enabling Film > Transparent, all the default rendering options should result in an image being saved with transparency. You’ll need to share the blend file for people to assist you properly. Sharing the VDB is not necessary.

It wasn’t the saving as transparent PNG that was the problem…but transparent background and using VDB makes the fire/smoke VDB transparent as well…

While I respect your efforts to help, this is not a difficult task to achieve and the use of compositing nodes is entirely unnecessary.

Thank you, so cause I’m kinda new to this, your shading network is totally different from mine.
Do I have to make a new one ? cause I have the principal volume one.
how did you achieve that ?
thanks again

Ok, I answer to your previous post.

You’re just saying it tho, how do I get to bottom of this then ? without the compositing nodes ?