PNG image in cycles or Eevee

if i use the addon import image as plane
i can import a PNG and it works well
with 100 % Transparency in viewport or render

now how do you set it up as nodes in cycles or Eevee to work well
with full transparency ?

i tried using the alpha on Fac of mix shader and not working well !

tried a few other things and does not work well
either 1/2 transparent or black or white !

so what is the trick here to set it up properly to get the full transparency in render
and can this be seen in viewport too ?

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What’s wrong with Image as Plane’s settings?

…here just tweaked the Image as Plane’s default material to boost feathered alpha. Works in Eevee and Cycles - note the material Settings on the right (for Eevee).

Not sure what you’re asking.

here is test with PBR and one diffuse node

the PBR seems to be less red then the diffuse one
so what parameter should i change to get a dark red ?

the yellow bar is behind the image just to see the transparency

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i think i found problem with PBR
need to set up rough = 0
and may be spec = 0

then red is darker

how do you this with simple diffuse and glossy node ect. ?

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That’s because it has a reflection on top of it and the diffuse doesn’t.

If you are importing an image on a plane and you need the exact colors, maybe you should just use the pure diffuse method? If it gives you the result you need, then why not?

wondering how many ways there are for using PNG images

found 3 up to now

but there is the old way with simple diffuse and glossy or transp nodes

the simplest one seem to be the PBR in BL 3.4

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