PNG with Transparency as Image Texture???

I’ve tried to use a PNG image with transparency/alpha channel as the source for an Image Texture. However, all the transparent areas (mostly background) render as black.

Is there some setting that the transparent areas of a PNG image remain transparent?


On the material look for premultiply. Click that.

Is your material transparent? (Transparency needs to be checked and the alpha needs to be slid down to 0). Is your texture mapped to alpha as well as diffuse color?

I’m using “Cycles Render”. When I view Material I don’t see premultiply anywhere. The Surface I’m using is Diffuse BSDF with an Image Texture color that holds my image texture with the alpha box checked (although I cannot remember how I saw that and cannot find an alpha slider).

What I’m trying to do is put a “decal” as a plane with a transparent image material on the back of a clear glass block (Glass BSDF) with the decal artwork showing and everything around it clear.

Sorry, my comment applied to materials in BI. I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of Cycles so I’ll leave that for someone else to answer.

with Cycles, use your texture into a diffuse node then mix node, add a transparent node to the mix node as well. use the alpha socket and plug it into the fac socket of your mix node, making sure everything is final into an output node. the attachment is a more complex setup using two textures and two uv maps to overlay one transparent on top of another.


Insert a mix shader node and add another shader node (for example, a transparent shader node). Connect the “alpha” output from your texture node to the mix shader’s factor input. If the wrong texture goes transparent, then simply switch the two inputs on the mix shader node.

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You beat me to the answer, Craig Jones : )

but this is why I love the community - there are always people trying to answer questions as quickly as possible to keep people blending :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve never used Nodes, but this looks like the same answer from two people. Thanks for the image for me to follow Mr. Jones! I tried it and the black is gone just looks like I have to fool with lighting (or something)/

I don’t know how I would have ever thought to do that :(, so thanks again.

you’re welcome! Try mixing your initial material combo of diffuse and transparency with another material of glass and gloss mixed, all of them together might help you achieve your result. I used attribute nodes to directly name the uv layer I wanted the texture to follow

How to Alpha Transparent PNG image in Animation ??
plz Help me

This would be the same situation - if the animation is an image sequence of png with alpha, then it should also work. Feel free to share your setup and I can see if I can help.

Thaaaanks Alooot!!! Worked for me!!!