png's not working


So when I try to open up a .png in the uv image editor it comes out weird, only black boxes for where the text and logo is (see the image).

I read about .png’s not working when saving from gimp and on linux(?), but I use windows 7 and photoshop… Anyone know how to fix this?



Since you are using cycles, what about creating a jpeg an using it as a mask?

Ok thanks, but by mask you mean? :stuck_out_tongue: I googled a little but all I found was masking for camera tracking or hiding vertices…

And yeah i’m obviously pretty new at this :slight_smile:


Take mask as a stencil you put on surface and spray other color on. In Cycles that usually is Fac input of some node you need to apply such a mask, being black and white image (you could use shades of gray also). No need for transparency in image used as a mask - so see in Gimp/Photoshop on Linux or Win if there is transparency layer in png, get rid of that. You need values from black to white only.

Sweet, then I’ll experiment some in blender


If this will help you any, here is a node setup using a mask for a material in my current project:

As you can see, a b&w mask image is used to mix the two materials to make certain areas rougher.