Png's to mov

I only have one decent pc which I’m using for design and render, If I set off a long animation output to mov or similar, that’s basically the pc tied up until it’s finished. Then there is the odd crash that means to have to start the render again.

So it would be beneficial to output to png, then I can stop/start when I want, and restart from a crash point. Then I’ll have to knit the png’s together into the mov, or what ever final file I wanted, this I’m sure will be fairly quick, and/or could be done on another less powerful pc.

Yes, there are a plethora of small apps out there that will do this, most are full of adware, malware, explorer hooks etc. So what do you folks use for this purpose?


You should always be rendering an animation out to a sequence of .pngs (or .exr), always.

You can convert them to a movie quite simply in Blender. Simply load the image sequence into Blenders VSE (Video Sequence Editor?) and render animation to a movie. It’ll then render out your images to whatever format you choose, such as a .mov video.

Ah!! I had no idea Blender could do this. I really should get acquainted with the documentation! I am typical bloke!

Thank you. I will look into this later today.