Poang - rocking chair

Hi. I just wanted to show a rocking chair, which I finished yesterday.
Blender 2.63a - Cycle
I Hope you like it.


I have that chair in my living room! Great model and render. I like the wood texture and the fabric material, very convincing.

The leather has the weirdest topology I have ever seen, and I am really good at creating weird topology!

Having said that, I would oh-so-really love to see that chair in Blendswap. If you upload it, post a note here, so I can give it a few stars.

The leather has the weirdest topology I have ever seen

What is so weird? gumen tried to model it and not just bake a hi def model into a low retopo cage. Lot of work but it works. But if you like to animate something on this, let’s say a man sitting, then you may face some problems. Maybe not… lol
If some real displacement should be used, then this topology may be a huge problem.

You see, an evenly subdivided topology based on quads isn’t for animation purposes only. It’s the best for every possible use of subsurf modifiers- displacements etc. Just saying

Wonderful model, nice UVs, well textured. People who are working on Archi-vis projects will love it.

This is very well-executed, although it would be easier to see the detail on the seat if you used one of the lighter color schemes. I also used to own a Poang chair, until it broke (IKEA looks nice until it breaks.)

@JoaoYates - Thanks :smiley:
@danilius - sorry, I can’t upload it anywhere :frowning:
@michalis - Not planning any animation. As for me, sculpting wrinkles would have been much more difficult. I prefer do it manually, have more control. New knife tool worked great for this.
@Kemmler - I know what you mean :wink:

Thank you all for your comments.