Pocket Knife

I made this out of pure boredom and it ended up being fun to make.

This is the pocket knife I purchased about a week back and sharpened the heck out of it. Its so sharp just touching it on the blade can/will cut your finger. :smiley:

Why do I need a pocket knife?? Well… No reason. :RocknRoll:

Anyhow… It took roughly 3 hours to model. Seems reasonable considering my severe lack of experience. No textures here. :cool:

Rendered using Blender’s internal renderer.

All of my models so far have looked rather… cartoonish so I have been trying really hard to make a realistic model.

I would say by far this is one of my best/(most realistic) models I have ever made. It was only 746 faces. Not bad I would say.

Anyone have any tips for making a MORE realistic model?

I was thinking of using this knife for a short animation. If you like I can post a link to the animation on a separate thread once it is done.

Two things that strike me are the Lighting and composition.

You can improve this scene a lot by playing with the lighting a bit, to get more contrast and to ‘lighten up’ the scene.

As for composition, here are a couple of google pics that might help…
If you look at the google pics you will see that in both examples the camera has been raised above the knife, and at an angle, so that the scene has more depth. you might also want to put in some DOF.

otherwise, this can develop into a worthy peice. :slight_smile:


EDIT: You can also zoom in on the knife a bit more.