Pocket Watch (First model, you were warned)

Greetings, another day another n00b, aren’t you lucky :smiley:

Well I’ve followed a couple of the basic tutorials to find my way around the interface, made a shiny gold ring and chromed a ball, but let’s not go there hey?

Time to have a go at making a model then. I thought a watch mechanisim would be fairly easy to start out with as it’s mostly just circles, so here’s the start of it. I discovered that not only do I suck at the ‘pen tool’ in Photoshop, but I also suck badly at Bezier curves in Blender :frowning:
I’ll clean them up later on but for now I’ll soldier on and get the parts assembled. If anyone has any tips for working with curves they would be appreciated.



well i have 2 things to say:

  1. you will probably need another light
  2. if its a watch where are the hands and numbers?

otherwise it looks great

Thanks for your comment robby007.
This is actually the back of the watch so you won’t see the hands as such, at least not yet.

I’m a looong way from setting up the lighting/textures yet, this is just a looksee :wink:

I’m just trying to get the basics laid out here, I’m only just finding my way around the program. I’ll post another update shortly.

Here’s a bit more.
Still rather dodgy in places and the escapement is nowhere near finished, more tomorrow (hopefully).



WOW! Great start on the details. Looking great.

Try soma AO as well as the lights you currently have.

Awaiting updates.


thats amazing! I"m not an expert on watches, but it looks pretty freakin good to me!

WOW WOW WOW :o :o :o

Ok then, when I saw you saying ‘n00b’ at the top I was honestly expecting a tube with a couple hands stuck on. That’s one of the best models I’ve seen recently. Keep up the good work, this is incredible looking.

Amazingly when i saw that “nOOb” i knew there will be something nice here. And i wasnt wrong. :wink:

Nice project for a beginner.

ahh google can be a fine friend, i remember seeing this one and modelling it once, it is a really really nice watch/clock eh =D

nailing the modelling, keep it up!

Thanks everyone for such positive replies :smiley:

And well spotted LohnC! I looked over your portfolio site, are all your models made with Blender? Awesome stuff anyways, I was impressed.

I haven’t had much time to work on this today, but I wanted to play around with textures a bit. I think it’s quite obvious that I need to go away and read up on some texture/lighting tutorials (I think it looked better before :expressionless: ) I’ll go do that and maybe make a little scene for it to fit into, then call it done. Don’t want to get too bogged down with adding too much detail as this is just a learning thing.

I wish I’d downloaded Blender years ago when I first saw it, it’s a steep learning curve (well, it is for me) but I’m amazed with the images it can produce.



your lighting is better with each post. keep up the progress! the textures are looking pretty good, the gold peices and the outside could use some work, but i like the main metal material.

your quick progress makes this thread really fun/cool to watch…

…sorry stupid joke %|

good job so far.

I have only one crit, and that is: you should stop being so hard on your self.
bor how long you clame:D to have been using blender that is amazing.