Pocket watch WIP

Blender’s physics does my head in. I used rigid body physics to place the chain but, not only did I have to model it very large to stop the chains coming apart, I also found that when all of the watch is in the scene the links wouldn’t stay in a chain however large I made the links. I haven’t figured out what actually caused the links to come apart yet except it wasn’t the case or the bits on top of the case.

In this scene all the textures apart from the face of the watch are procedural.

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is this from a real model or made up ?
some of the numbers looks wrong or ?

like 10 11 and 12 in roman = X XI XII

looking nice

would look better if you
add some environment around
may be a desk - lamp ect…

happy cl

It’s made up but based on real pocket watches. The numbers are fine. The face is a free (for personal use) jpg I downloaded from the internet.

It isn’t in a proper setting because it is WIP and I am working on the watch rather than the background. I have a scene to put it in but that needs work as well.

I love the main model and the face of the clock, a great WIP as you say, great :3

can you show nodes set up for the bottom part brass

happy cl

Do you mean the aged outside or the circles on the inside?

the brass casing with old brass mat
looks interesting for an old brass

is it possible to change the color - may be greenish instead of blackish

happy bl

Here are the nodes for the aged brass on the outside of the watch case. You can change the colours because they are in a Color Ramp node and you can bung just about anything in those.

Here are the nodes for the inside of the watch case. The MixRGB nodes which are collapsed are just 50/50 mixes. The “Offset” node is just a value node with a label.

Here are the nodes for the “Brass circles” node group. Don’t worry about the colours in the Color Ramp at the bottom. I took that from a different Blender file rather than set up a new one (I was being lazy). It gets turned to monochrome anyway. I just wanted the shades but you can use anything for those so long as the result looks OK.

did test for first one with added some greenish and orange
give some interesting pattern

thanks for sharing
happy cl