Pocket watch

Well as you have probibly guessed im modelling a pocket watch here are some pics from parts of the progress.

|The rim and the hands |_ Added the top ring |_ What im at so far __|

C+C are very welcome.

(oh yeah im aware that cant be a real time on there at the moment)

Very nice pocket watch.
I would like the metal to look like silver or gold.

1st and 3rd image are my favourites. Don’t really like no 2 as much,

btw, all clocks on display should show 10 past 10

Have you made any additions to the pocket watch.
I would put a gradient environment for the watch
to reflect, if it was my project. Or with effort, images
constructing the environment of a jewelry store, those
would construct the background and have something nice
for the watch to reflect.
Well, I should have gone to bar and jewelry store for my
projects, but i did not.