pocket watch

I’m trying to shake off the cobwebs after having not used Blender in long while. I saw this project on modeling a pocket watch in an issue of 3D world magazine (issue 97). The tutorial in the magazine is for Cinema 4D but it is easy enough to follow and excute in Blender. I need some advice and general comments. Though I have n’t started modeling it yet any tips and tricks on modeling the watch’s chain would be most welcome. Here is what I’ve done so far.


Arraymodifier along curves would be the way to go.

I made this a while ago, it’s basically a chain done with array modifier and curve modifier. Check it out if you can’t figure it out by yourself

Thanks for your help Morio and Musk. You don’t use a programme for a couple of years and suddenly the are modifiers all over the place. Your file Morio was really helpful, that plus some of the stuff I read from Blender Wiki have set me up on the right path. I should add some updated pictures soon.

Here is an update on what I have done so far. The chain and winder are currently sitting in another blend file and have not been linked yet. I am also do some rough 2D sketch and try and work out how I will display the watch. Thanks for your help thus far. Comments and critisms are most welcome :slight_smile:


I started adding some material and working on a basic light setup. here is a photo of my work thus far.
todo list
work on lighting
pink material is a placeholder that will be replaced with a brushed gold material
add chain to watch
C&C’ s are most welcome


Thats pretty darn cool, but may I suggest some sort of HRD map so that the metal has something to reflect? :slight_smile:

I haven’t worked on this for a while now and this while be my last update concerning this particular project. This is as far as I have gone with the watch. I’ve made the suggested changes, thanks Borgleader, but now I need to move onto bigger things like car modeling. I’m just waiting for the Holiday sales to start so I can get a scanner and I can than switch to my true love character modeling.


Damn. Not bad.

It looks good. How did you produce the numbers?

Wow pretty nice :slight_smile: The difference between this update and the last is pretty big if you ask me. Good job

Thanks for your comments. As to how I did the numbers, they are simply a text objects that are curved on a beizer circle. I extruded and beveled them and converted them to mesh objects than it was simply a matter of cleaning up the meshes.