Pocket Watch

This is my first WIP thread. Today I’ll be showing a pocket watch project which I started last night.
Currently I have modeled only the chain because I wanted to try different materials in it.

(50 samples)

What do you think of it? Modelling, materials, texture, does it look fine? In my eyes it doesn’t look bad, but I’m a beginner, so your opinions and/or critiques are appreciated. Thanks!

(Updates may take some time.)

This is how it looks, so far:

Great job! Is that just a material, no texture? I need to make one / get a volunteer to make one like that for my WW1 movie project, have any tips?


Nice chain! The watch face is recessed unusually far into the bezel, though.

I have used a golden glossy material combined with a simple noise texture. Here are my settings:

Depending on the size of your mesh, I recommend you to play with the noise properties until you get a nice looking result. When do you need that done? Maybe I can help you.
Thank you for the feedback, Robert!

Thank you, Tyto! Yeah, you are right. I have used a simple watch as reference image and I forgot to fix that up. xD
Thank you for the tip.

Might I suggest using a HDRI texture as a reflection texture to your gold material? It adds a bit of depth and life to the image :slight_smile:

3 weeks… It’s a big time, I think I can do that! I’ll keep in touch.

Sorry, I didn’t see your message. Yes, that’s a good idea! I’ll try to do that. Thank you! :smiley:

I think it’s about 80% done now. Any tips?

Numbers still look a bit small, not sure if that’s the style of the watch?

I fixed that, thanks!

I’m rendering the final product now, I will post it as soon as I can.