Blender 2.49, Indigo 2.2.1, Photoshop CS4



Very good! I do like the depth of field with the blurry background and the crystal clear foreground.

It looks as if the watch has no glass covering or protection on top of it, is this intentional?
Also I’m slightly confused as to what the small clock is doing in the big one. Is it a reflection?

Nice watch you have here!

But the minute and hour hand look like they’re floating. Also, the gold material could use a little work.

Other than that it looks great :slight_smile:

Thank you!

The no glass was intentional, and the small ‘clock’ is in seconds. If you look closely, you can see it is marked 1-60.

Good job!

I like how the simple shapes of the watch looks so advanced in the picture. How long did it take to render?

ohh, thats sweet!!
keep it up.

Thanks everyone!

updated high-res version for background usage, click download on the left.