Pod Racer Model

My first model shown to this forum so i hope you all like it. Theres still a bit more work to be done for example i am not entirely happy with the cockpit. The backdrop is a bit basic mainly to save rendering times. On the final model I will add textures and subsurfing to chairs. Let me know what you think all comments welcome!http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/6956/pod16.png

I think the driver will be torched by the exhaust fumes. :slight_smile:

Wow, the engines are very detailed. Nice work!

Try a render with some AO and some more adventurous lighting.

Okay here is the latest version. i have scraped the old cockpit in favor of this new one. Alos added some particle effects.


You should use the compositor for your flames as opposed to just a material. I really love all the detail put into it. Also I noticed a number of things on the engine not ‘set smooth’ which is an absolute must in my opinion.

Cheers for the advice but i dont quite grasp composite nodes yet. As for the smoothing cheers for pointing that out. Seems i always miss something when I render it lol.

Okay i need a bit of help. I am using composite nodes to make the fire. I have gotten it the way i want it but now what? how do i render the whole image so that the node effect is only applied to the second layer which is the fire. If i render everything then the effect is applied to everything.
Any ideas? I am fairly new(ish) to blender and havent tried this before.

Okay here is the final version:

Verts: 100,439
Polys: 101,693


I have also started a new design (which is alot more detailed) and hoping to put them into a scene of some sort.

Verts: 1,096,038
Polys: 1,101,672


you’re a fantastic modeler, roddsey.
try adding good materials and a good lighting setup :wink: (http://matrep.parastudios.de/)
I like your idea.

keep blending.

cheers mate, i have only been using blender for about 3 weeks and havent got the hang of the uv mapping but will try to improve