Pod Racer (Star wars)

He there! I’ve been working on this project for a week or so now. This was my way of getting back to Blender after some time off.
During that time of i’ve learnt photography. I’ve learned how the camera works, settings and all. And when i realised that Blender supports camera settings i wanted to “bring that” to my scenes.

Well, here’s the final image from my first project after over a year away from Blender! Hope you like it!

Nice. Awsome materials, lighting and modeling.

Great work! I think the smoke needs a little bit more love. It looks a bit too uniform and not “flowy” enough.

I love this kind of ‘industrial whimsy’ stuff. Nice texturing and lighting, the smoke trail ending feels too abrupt tho.

I’d love to see stuff like this moving - why not animate it blasting past camera?