Pod racer

I made this in a few hours and I’d like 2 know what you think. This is my own design of a pod racer from starwars. I’m not happy with the fire but I couldn’t get my paritles fire 2 work right. I didn’t do the absolute best I could since I was just playin around but if you can give me some good crits I can update. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. If you really like it I can post the .blend if you want. Just let me know if u want it once I’m done with any updates. :wink:

Behind wiew:

Side wiew:

Cocpit view:

Top View:

Wire Frame:

hmmm… crits… how about 4 times more detail? Maybe a lot less specularity and some ‘dirty’ textures.

I bet the paint wont look as good after it finishes the race… if it finishes the race…


nice steel texture, where did you get it?

um…the lighting need a whole bunch of work…the pod racer needs about 3 times as much detail. and it needs to have more colors…just the back having that color looks real wierd.

good job for only two hours! :slight_smile:

i like the idea, just need more detail!and a little dirt would be nice, but other than that it looks cool!

Check out this site, it has all kinda seamless background pics u can use in blender. 8)


hehe yea lol. :smiley: