PodRacer by JuiceBoy

yay! made my own podracer! :smiley:

made entirely in blender, from modeling, texxing (most is procedural, yay!) to compositing. Except for the very light smoke effects I added later in Photoshop.

hop you like it, I’ll probably make a second version, but first I gotta leave this thing for a week or two, got too used to it to see mistakes -.-. Feedback welcome!


Looks really great! Awesome render and comp!

1 tiny thing that bothers me is maybe consider adding Speedline/motion blur (http://www.listofimages.com/wallpapers/2012/01/ferrari-concept-race-car-track-vehicle-1050x1680.jpg) and maybe it also kicks up some dust? :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Star War Episode 1 Racer game, it is a very good game when I was very young.

Yeah I was thinking about that, is there a way to do that in blender? perhaps animate a few frames with the motion blur should do the trick. thanks :smiley:

Link the camera to the podracers so that the background gets the motion blur.

Superb. So how many hours in modelling?

The render has a really nice high-dynamic range look to it. Nice work.

wel I did it even simpler and just moved the floor :smiley: but guess that with some more complicated environment your way might come in handy :smiley:


I’d say about 15 hours of modeling and 8 hours of trial and error shading (in which I got frustrated bc blender suddenly deleted a painted on texture)

Very nice! I love Star Wars. :slight_smile: