Poetic Help -- what do you think about women?

OK guys – I have been making a movie (see my signature – go to the last post in my WIP thread to see the latest scene) in an upcoming scene there will be a crucial moment…

Lance (albino)is holding a picture of he and Breanna (Breanna was killed in scene E-4)
Ryan (his friend and comrade in arms, who has been raised in something of a military setting) looks at him holding the picture and sees how it tore him up inside.
Ryan asks, “what are they like?”
Lance; “what are what like?”
Ryan: “girls…”
Lance: “what do you mean?”
Ryan: “I’ve never met one. At least not a free one, my age…”

Lance : “well, girls are like…”

Fill in the blank. I need it to be realistic and heartfelt. Perhaps slightly offensive at the beginning, but by the end of his monologue, it needs to be powerful and tender and something that would make a girl melt

I am working through this

"well, girls are frustrating. They talk endlessly about everything, but their voice is like the birds in spring. They constantly ask what you’re thinking, but they usually know. They want to do everything together. They shave there eyebrows then paint them back on.
They surround themselves with soft and sweet smelling things. Life is black and white. They add color. I never cared about where I lived until I thought about where we might live.

so help me out. What would you say?

Well, that is an interesting concept, although not very realistic. If you ask me, women should be thought of woe to men. For the most part, I have found them to be contriving and deceitful. Their adding of color is only an illusion. Only a sucker would buy that. About surrounding themselves with with soft and sweet smelling things, it may be wise to consider just who paid for them!
If indeed that you could “make them melt” that might be a benefit for mankind?
Just my personal point of view… . Been there, done that.

Women are people, just like you. Humans are very good at specialising, and delegating things that don’t interest them to someone else. Do you build houses? Probably not. But you could if necessary. Easier to get a specialist builder to do it for you.

In most societies men specialise in some tasks and women in others. Each delegates to the other the things that are important but that they don’t want to do themselves. Men take the initiative generally when action is required. Women are more conservative (in the sense of looking after what already exists) and expressing feeling. So to answer your question, a woman is someone to whom you have delegated a large number of human tasks that you do not consider appropriate for you to perform yourself.

Well. It is a dramatic moment in a climactic scene in a movie. Few have more reason to be bitter towards women than me, but they do bring excitement and flavor that I lack alone.

Just looking to make it as dramatic and climactic as possible

Need to know what the guy describing women thinks about them…

This: ’ I never cared about where I lived until I thought about where we might live.’ is very good, build on it.

Thanks – I guess the question I am trying to answer is – What is it about women that attracts men? I mean, of course there is the physical, but there is more… what is it? what would you say if you were asked what attracts you about them?

It’s how were designed :).

You know…the best description of anything I can give is what I’m currently working on with the IR3 short (yes it’s the link in the sig…)
The story of IR3 is that a company made this device (IR3) to basically allow humanoid robots the capability of attracting to other bots with the same device (and when it’s also set so that there is an attraction to a robot with the opposite gender assign protocols)

Long story short: it’s just the way were designed :).

Thanks – I guess the question I am trying to answer is – What is it about women that attracts men? I mean, of course there is the physical, but there is more… what is it? what would you say if you were asked what attracts you about them?


For anyone not familiar with my film – I put together this AMV of the first 14 scenes. It is really intended to remind the audience of the girl that tore Lance apart, that defines his future.

And OL77: its that the DNA code that grows us a p#n#s?

Okay, put your hand on your beer and swear this…:

I have to laugh!

Cheers, pix

I am sorry, but that one is not that funny. I mean - I can enjoy a good battle of the sexes, the fight for dominance as much as anyone, but that one is not that funny.

here is a funny one, from my FB page awhile ago:

edited because it was funny at the time. But the good line:

Men are totally like dogs. If you asked any random group of guys to line up according to rank, they would in no time flat. Men’s society and dog society is very linear. Everyone innately knows who they go before and who they go after. And it all comes down to one simple thought, “I can take 'em.”

Women are totally like cats. They may be the leader in one circle, but completely subservient in another with seemingly no rhyme nor reason. Think of it like a bunch of bicycle wheels where the end of each spoke on the rim is the hub of another (or many) wheel(s). Ask a random group of women to line up according to rank, and they’ll chew you out for asking them to do something so stupid.
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You wimp! It was funny and you know it! Men are not dogs! Women are not cats! We all are just human, I do not wish to divide and conquer, I just want to live and get along. Folks should try doing that. (Women included.) So maybe you could include that thought in your production. I don’t know, it just seems logical. And by the way, that was satire yet I just could not help it, sometimes I get carried away!

I totally know it was satire. It was a good attempt at light-hearted humor. I just didn’t laugh. Sorry.

You should laugh more often!

Oh – I laugh plenty:

I like the little minty ones covered in chocolate!

Where are you trying to get by saying this? What action or situation do you intend will happen next?

Don’t ask us to define women well. Even Stephen Hawking finds them baffling. And I’m sure if you ask a girl to help, she will be confused by your bewilderment.

But it’s consistent beyond culture. When I meet a man who I don’t know and whose culture if completely foreign to me. I just talk about women. Suddenly, we have much experience in common.

Hah, I’m more inclined to think she and all her millions of sisters will carry on making sure we remain clueless. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lance : “well, girls are like… totally unavailable, man” would be closer to how most boys talk i.e. haven’t got, want some.

Afrikaans version: “Drasties min bokkies en geen kwessie van zol” from Die Bar op De Aar by Koos Kombuis

Dorro – pull the trigger man. Just pull the trigger.